Ravenswood Guest House
94 Causewayhead Road
Stirling, Scotland FK9 5HJ
Contact telephone:
UK: 01786 475 291
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Environment Code.

What I do to minimise Ravenswood Guest House’s impact on the environment.
(You can help as well, please read the following)

We are all aware of the consequences of C02 emissions on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather, also the amount of physical waste the average person generates has to go somewhere and landfill sites are filling up very quickly.
I am working with Going Carbon Neutral Stirling whose project aim is “To create and implement a compelling, collectively owned, successful, district scale, model of meaningful carbon reduction activity encompassing the dynamic of national and local businesses, and geographic communities and communities of interest, that can be used as a blueprint for other UK cities and districts” The organisation provides me with ongoing advice, help and actions to reduce my guest house carbon emissions.

To minimise the CO2 emissions and waste Ravenswood Guest House generates, the following changes and actions are being made:

Food: Where possible I purchase locally produced food in order to support the local economy and reduce the distance which the food has travelled to reach the breakfast room. Sausage and bacon is produced on local farms and purchased from Cullens the Butchers in Bridge of Allan.

Light bulbs: Where possible all the light bulbs in the house are now low energy bulbs.

Double Glazing: The house is fully double glazed. Please close your curtains at dusk to ensure as much heat as possible, is retained in the room.

Loft / Cavity wall insulation: The loft has 270mm of insulation to ensure heat loss through the roof is minimised and, in the parts of the house which have cavity walls, insulation is in place.

Electricity: This is purchased through “N Power Juice”, all electricity through this scheme is generated from a number of renewable energy sources. N Power matches every unit of normal electricity that the house uses and feeds the same amount, generated from renewable sources into the electricity network.

Waste: All cardboard, paper, glass, tins, plastic bottles, drink cartons and waste food is collected and recycled / composted by Stirling Council. Please help me by placing all recyclable materials beside your room bin rather than in it. I will collect and empty your room bins, on a daily basis.

Towels: I follow the same rule as lots of hotels around the world. If you want clean towels leave the used towels on the bathroom floor and I will replace as required.

Cleaning Products: I use “Bio D” products including, bathroom cleaners and washing up liquid. These products are natural, biodegradable, which are ethically sound, safe to use and have minimal environmental impact on our planet. Wherever possible their raw materials are from renewable sources and the packaging is recyclable. More information can be found at www.biodegradable.biz

Laundry: I always wait until I have a full load of laundry before using my washing machine, this ensures it is used in the most effecient way.

Paper Products: (Toilet roll, Kitchen towel, paper / card for printing) The paper products I use are either produced from recycled paper or “FSC” branded which comes from forests that are sustainably managed. More information is available at www.fsc-uk.org

Car: My car is diesel and the CO2 emissions are 157g per kilometre. I average 4500 miles per year and the emissions are offset by a payment to *ClimateCare. I use my bike more than my car for local shopping or my feet for walking.

Travel: Stirling has excellent bus services around the town and good train links to Glasgow and Edinburgh. So if you have brought a car, why not leave it at the guest house and walk to the bus/train station. Have a look at travelinescotland.com This useful website can provide you with journey planning information for the whole of Scotland, enabling you to get to your destination by public transport.

HELP: If you are aware of any other ways I can reduce the house CO2 emissions and waste, please tell me and I will try to take action. Thanks, Stuart.

*ClimateCare is a service that reduces greenhouse gases on behalf of individuals and organisations, to compensate for their impact on the climate. ClimateCare uses funds to reduce emissions through worldwide projects in sustainable energy. Visit the ClimateCare website to find out more.